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The grieving is the hard part.
The probate should not be.

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Probate and Estate Planning Attorneys in Gresham

The probate process can be very difficult for families.  It’s hard to lose someone you love, and then deal with all the financial and legal complexities resulting from a probate.  We seek to streamline the probate process, and make it as simple, efficient and understandable as possible – while protecting our clients by making sure all legal requirements are met.


Our Probate Practice

We conduct our probate practice in a compassionate, thoughtful way, trying to avoid disputes with creditors and with family members.  Probate is never fun, but we try to make it as easy as possible for families. The grieving is the hard part. The probate should not be.

We understand that many people are dealing with probate for the first time. We provide detailed written instructions and checklists for clients to follow., When necessary, we set up regular meetings with Personal Representatives to guide them through the next steps. Our probate attorneys are experienced in other areas of law that often are relevant in probate, including family law, landlord-tenant, debtor-creditor disputes, domestic violence, homicide investigations, and protective proceedings. We work closely with professionals like realtors, appraisers, and accountants to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

Some Wills set up trusts for certain beneficiaries. Sometimes the Will creates a trust for a minor child. Sometimes the Will creates a trust for a loved one who needs to stay eligible for government benefits. Sometimes the Will creates a trust for someone lacking financial management skills or who has addictions or mental health issues. Navigating the requirements of these testamentary trusts is challenging. We help our clients ensure these trusts are properly set up and administered.


Trusts Created by Wills


Estate Heirs

In addition to our legal work representing Personal Representatives in the probate process, we also represent heirs and will beneficiaries who believe that the probate is not being conducted properly. If you believe that the Personal Representative is mismanaging assets or is not following the correct Will or if you believe that the deceased signed their Will without fully understanding what they were doing or under pressure from someone, we can help. We work with estate beneficiaries to “look over the executor’s shoulder” by filing for Special Notice with the court and, when necessary, litigating a will contest or other dispute.

A strong advocate with compassion

Attorney Nathan Begley

Attorney Nathan Begley serves his clients with kindness and understanding, taking special care to be aware of the everyday unspoken struggles of financial hardship, parenting, and navigating a global pandemic. Nathan can personally relate to difficult family circumstances, and his earned empathy fuels his drive to employ a holistic, strategic approach to maximize benefits to his clients. He works to understand each person’s unique life goals and helps clients create plans to help reach them. Nathan prides himself on a “flexible-yet-relentless” approach to problem-solving and seeks to find durable solutions backed by developed alternatives.


Extensive Experience

Graduated from St. Mary’s University School of Law in San Antonio, Texas and he was admitted to practice in 2011. He worked as a solo practitioner and later moved to Dallas to work in a boutique bankruptcy firm, before establishing his practice in Oregon.

Respected Expertise

Nathan has been successfully practicing in the areas of Estate Planning, Probate & Estate Administration as well as other elder law services.

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Our Practice Areas


Will Preparation

The most basic instrument of estate planning, a will spells out instructions about your estate.


Estate Planning

Comprehensive estate planning services, including Wills, Powers of Attorney, Trusts and more.


Creating a living trust involves setting up a legal entity (the trust) that will own your assets.


Probate is a legal procedure in which the court oversees the assets of a deceased person.

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